We're a young church in the heart of San Diego's creative and diverse neighborhoods East of Balboa Park.

The 30th street corridor is home to a diverse, creative, and community-minded part of San Diego’s population. So much of what we see in our neighborhoods resonates with the kind of world God is building. Creativity abounds, diversity of every kind is celebrated, sustainability is seen as a virtue not a restriction, and many people are re-discovering hospitality and neighborly ways of living together. As followers of Jesus, we see these things and celebrate. These are signs of life, signs that God is at work in our neighborhoods.

Genesis is a community of faith seeking to discover and live the ancient and beautiful way of life Jesus taught and embodied, in a 21st century postmodern world.

We desire to be a home for spiritual sojourners and second-chance Christians, a community that challenges both full-fledged Jesus freaks and all-out skeptics. It’s our mission to be a welcoming family of faith for both gay and straight, poor and rich, women and men. We long to share the love of Jesus with our world and our neighborhoods primarily through acts of hospitality, service, and love.

Genesis began gathering in a living room in March of 2012, but the dream of a church in the neighborhoods surrounding San Diego’s Balboa Park was born years before.

God gave us a dream of a church that would exude hospitality, creativity, and most of all – love.

From the beginning our desire has been to cultivate a community that would be a spiritual home for people who have felt excluded from the community of Christ because they didn’t fit into a narrow but popular cultural model of what it means to be a Christian.

We knew that we needed to be part of a community centered on Jesus above all else. Jesus above politics. Jesus above culture-wars. Jesus above all. The One that captures our hearts and imagination more than anyone or anything else is Jesus.

If you want to pursue God and journey alongside others who are committed to Jesus, but have felt excluded or left out because of your gender, theology, politics, race, or other identities we hope that you’ll come visit. We think there’s a good chance that we’re the kind of church for you.